About Sharon

Hair & Makeup Specialist

Before becoming a stylist, nearly 10 years ago, Sharon started her career as Joyce's assistant. Working closely with Joyce, she not only learned more about the industry, but she also fell in love with the art of styling. Shortly after, she was taken in as Joyce's understudy and was professionally trained to become a stylist.  She continued her career working as a freelance junior artist with our team. As she continued to craft her talent and skills, she was shortly able to work her way to becoming one of our senior hair + makeup artists.

For over 8 years, she has been a part of the Joyce Luck Style team. She began her career specializing in weddings and bridal beauty. Shortly after, she was able to gain experience in working in pageants, fashion shows, editorials, commercials, film, and much more. Her work has even been featured in popular bridal magazines, fashion websites, and wedding blogs.

Sharon has been known for her warmth, friendliness, bubbly personality, creativity, poise and professionalism. What her clients seems to love most about her is how personable she can be with everyone she meets.