About Myline

Hair & Makeup Specalist

I've always loved to do hair. Even when I was a little girl, I've always wanted babies with long hair so I was able to style it. Luckily I have 2 older sisters I was able to style their hair while growing up as well. It wasn't until Jr. High I started taking clients. By then my sisters where in high school and I did their hair for their high school dances. Then, when I when into high school I was booked for dances. I guess you can say I've had a passion for hair styling all my life.

 After high school I attended MakeUp Designory to be certified as a hair stylist to work in the film industry. It wasn't until then I decided to further my talent into makeup. I was very proud and shock that I was even good with makeup as well.

 I've learned so much from JLS Team these past 7 years I've been with them. Being part of this team is not like a team, we are family! While working on large events and we see one struggling or falling behind, we have each others back. No need to ask for help or signal one another, we are there for each other always!